The Healthy Minds Digital Doorway is a resource brought to you by the mental health charity Mind in Bradford. Our aim is to provide an easy to use mental health and wellbeing portal for everyone in the Bradford District and Craven.

The Healthy Minds Digital Doorway has been created to bridge the gap between those looking for support and the service groups out there struggling to help the right people. We want anyone who needs help or guidance in relation to their mental health to be able to find what they need, when they need it - quickly and easily. The Services Index lists a wide range of services available in the Bradford region and the Wellbeing Assistant offers tailored suggestions. The Wellbeing Assistant also recommends ORCHA approved apps that you can access whenever you like, so you can trust that the content is regulated and meets a quality threshold.

About the wellbeing assistant
Answer a few simple questions and the wellbeing intelligent assistant will recommend the top three support services available to you. You will also be able to see when services and activities are available. You can also browse and filter our full index of services at any point. Completing the wellbeing assistant questions should only take you 4 minutes. As we’re always updating our index and developing our recommendation algorithms, (to produce the most accurate and helpful results) if you return and answer the questions again at a later stage you may receive new or updated results.

About anonymity
We understand you may want to stay anonymous. We don’t ask you for personal data such as your name or email address. For more details on your privacy you can take a look at the Healthy Minds privacy policy here.